The Marion County Health Department offers HIV testing.
The fee for this test is $10.

The sample is obtained from a blood draw. Clients must return to the
Marion County Health Department to obtain results in person.

We urge anyone who believes they may be at risk for HIV infection
to contact Shelley Yoder, RN, Director of Nursing, by
email or call
548-3878 between 8-4, Monday through Friday for further
information or to make an appointment.
HIV Testing
Visit the Illinois HIV Care Connect
website for information about your
regional office. The website also
links to:
  • Training and educational
    opportunities for clinicians,
    case mangers and people
    with HIV
  • Regular HIV news updates
  • A survey and the opportunity
    to join or become involved in
    the HIV Care Connect
Visit the Illinois Department of Public Health
site, which offers questions to many answers
regarding HIV/AIDS, such as:
  • What is AIDS?
  • What causes AIDS?
  • How does someone get HIV?
  • How HIV cannot be spread
  • Counseling
  • HIV Test Locations
  • How HIV Tests are done
  • What a negative test means
  • What a positive test means